Tischner European University is located in a modern building on Jana Pawła II 39A Avenue in a special economic zone and close to the Cracow University of Technology. Nearby are the Polish Aviation Museum and the Polish Airmen Park. The location provides students and post-graduate students with the best conditions for learning. The building houses professionally equipped lecture and exercise rooms and computer labs. Also, there is a large, spacious lobby just by the entrance – it is a perfect place for meetings, conversations, making friendships or helping and inspiring others. The city noise does not get to the university, because our new headquarters is surrounded by parks. It is also fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities and equipped with an easy driveway to the entrance door and two elevators.

By Plane

Travelling to Kraków is simple as the city is well served by air, rail, and road, both domestically and from other European destinations. Those participants who decide to come by plane, will enter Kraków via John Paul II International Airport. It is located about 15km outside the city and it is connected with the city center by train and bus network.

Another option is travelling via Katowice International that is located 110km to the north west of Kraków. The Katowice airport website has details of services available. To get to Kraków, you will need to get the shuttle bus or private hire. The bus takes two hours and arrives to the main bus station.


By Train

Kraków Główny, the city’s main station, is served by trains from most Polish destinations and from the capital cities of neighbouring countries. The airport train from John Paul II International also arrives here. It is located about 5-minute walk from the Old Town.

Please be aware that the Polish rail network is run by a number of companies and tickets are not interchangeable and only valid for the particular journey. You can check routes and costs on the website:


By Coach

If you decide to travel by coach, you’ll almost certainly arrive at Kraków’s Dworzec Autobusowy, the bus terminal built into the main train station. The location is close to the Old Town and a superb place to arrive in the city.

Tischner European Univeristy’s building is located just 6 stops from the city center (the "Muzeum Lotnictwa", Polish Aviation Museum, or "AWF" stop), so it provides easy access to and from the city centre. By the university there are parking spots for bicycles and cars.

Please see a video how to get to the University:

As Kraków is a city of culture, science, tourism and business, it offers a wide variety of accommodation possibilities: hotels, hostels as well as private apartments. Whichever option you choose, in order to help transport to TEU, we recommend localizations such as Old Town and its eastern surroundings, Rondo Mogilskie, Mogilska Street and Polish Aviation Museum surroundings.

If you have any questions regarding travelling and stay in Kraków, do not hesitate contact Ms Karolina Koźlak