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                                                                                            links to the CONFERENCE RECORDINGS AVAILABLE below

30.09 (Wednesday)

10.30-10.50 opening of the conference + introduction of the keynote speaker

11.00-11.45     KEYNOTE: Prof. Renata Salecl – Invisibility and ignorance in times of the pandemic


11.45-12.15 discussion

12.15-12.30 coffee break

12.30-13.30 session 1

 identities 1

  1. Marzena Keating, The (in)visible Scots, Welsh and Irish in the context of the English dominance
  2. Julie Bolt, Tangled Roots: White Accomplices and Discursive Production

13.30-14.30 session 2

 spaces 1

  1. İlkan Can İpekçi, The Experiences of Queer Teachers in Turkey within the scope of Neoliberal School Policies and Institutionalized Heteronormativity
  2. Natalia Juchniewicz, (In)Visible values and norms in the design of non-places

14.30-15.30 lunch break

15.30-17.00 session 3

networks 1

  1. Karolina Dąbek, Invisible Power of Spatial Design in Music
  2. Kamila Iżykowicz, #BIO-PARALLERS. The story of rebuilding empathy between humans and non-humans
  3. Marlena Drapalska-Grochowicz, „The most important thing is invisible to the eyes … ”- about designing close relationships in law
  4. Weronika Sobótka-Wierzchowska, Accessible UX: Designing invisible for invisible people. Including an inclusive perspective into IT projects

17.00-17.15 coffee break



Alex Lubiński, Martyna Kopeć, Is coronavirus spread through 5G antennas? Cognitive and social framework of conspiracy theories


17.15-19.30 (15-minute break included)                                                                          


Željko Blaće, DIY&DIWO wiki as safe space for +LGBTIQ+ communities


01.10 (Thursday)


9.50-10.00      introduction of the keynote speaker

10.00-10.45     KEYNOTE: Prof. Monika Kostera – Managing for the common good


10.45-11.15 discussion

11.15-11.30 coffee break

11.30-12.30 session 4

agendas 1

  1. Marta Kowalska, Seeing as an ability – how invisible becomes visible
  2. Mateusz Myszka, The invisibility of mortality in the context of poetic discourse. The case of terminal cancer

12.30-13.30 session 5

 identities 2

  1. Erika De Vivo, Imaging a Sámi space in Tromsø. Mearrariika by IndigeCorp: a provocative art project between two worlds
  2. Klaudia Muca, Invisible minority. Disabled writers in Polish literary culture after the democratic transition of 1989

13.30-14.20 lunch break


14.20-14.30 introduction of the keynote speaker

14.30-15.15    KEYNOTE: Un Mundo Feliz – Love is a Human Right. Visual activism for cultural conflict


15.15-15.45 discussion

15.45-16.45 session 6

agendas 2

  1. Tomasz Sikora, Rendering visible: queerness and social affects
  2. Patryk Sierpowski, With solidarity and passion in the common fight – activist and militant research in studies with social movements

16.45-17.00 coffee break


17.00-18.00 keynote panel discussion


02.10 (Friday)


9.50-10.00 introduction of the keynote speaker

10.00-10.45     KEYNOTE: Dr Joseph Oduro-Frimpong – Towards a Future of Convivial Scholarship: The Case of (African) Popular Media Genres


10.45-11.15 discussion

11.15-12.00 coffee break

12.00-13.00 session 7

spaces 2

  1. Eva Jenčuráková, Design in Response to the Specific Needs of a Child with CVI
  2. Joanna Łapińska, Designing Intimacy, or About Gender Roles in ASMR Roleplay Videos

13.00-14.00 session 8

identities 3

  1. Marek Liszka, Non-Tatra Highlander Groups in the Socio-Cultural Discourse
  2. Liang-Kai Yu, Racial In/Visibility within Queer Art Exhibitions

14.00-15.00 lunch break

15.00-16.00 session 9

agendas 3

  1. Halina Gąsiorowska, American Homeless Bloggers’ Longing for a Better Society. On (In)visibility of a Counter-discourse
  2. Matylda Małecka, Female Autism (In)Visibility and Product Design

16.00-16.15 coffee break

16.15-17.15 session 10

spaces 3

  1. Kinga Blaschke, Whose Heritage
  2. Anna Treska-Siwoń, The invisible in design education

17.15-17.30 closing of the conference